Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little hungry

I've been missing dim sum (yam tsa, as my mother also calls it) ever since we left New York and moved to the Midwest.

I came across a story today in the Wall Street Journal that reports that the art of dim sum is losing experts. How sad. The good news is that the little eats are not in danger of disappearing entirely.

Although I don't imagine I can match the skill of a true dim sum master, I guess I'd better learn to make a few dumplings, buns and other goodies.


Starting to Cook - Matt said...

Your blog contains stuff I've mainly never seen before - that's AWESOME! I love that I have this feeling I'm going to learn a lot about foods I don't normally get to play with (making tofu?!).

Cyn said...

Thank you! Sorry it took so long. I finally realized I had comment moderation activated -- no wonder my friend's note to me wouldn't appear.

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